Permit Application Process & Timeline: Memorandum from Jim Moore, Director of Planning & Building Services in Fairfax

This is a helpful June 2013 document from Jim Moore, Director of Planning & Building Services in Fairfax about the “Wall Property”.  It includes a brief overview of the current land use “entitlements” and the permit application process necessary to develop the 4 parcels, totaling 99 acres.  Of note is the ‘estimated time frame of major actions’ on page 3.  It adds up to 20 months to 40 months, though some activities may be done concurrently.  In any case, the good news is that nothing will be done ‘overnight’.

Link to document:

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5 Responses to Permit Application Process & Timeline: Memorandum from Jim Moore, Director of Planning & Building Services in Fairfax

  1. Phil Martin says:

    As a longtime Fairfax Wall resident, it is with some interest that I have been following this discussion.

    The developer makes an impassioned plea, presenting himself as a Green carpenter with a philosophical bent, coping with the effects of the recession just like the rest of us.

    He would love to be in a position to donate this land were it not for some “financial realities”. Mr Rothman says that “at present” he doesn’t “anticipate any further subdivisions”, reassuring us that “nothing is going to be slipped by” and that he “operates in the light of day”.

    A little Googling however will show that this Mr. Rothman may not be all he appears to be. For example, last March it seems he had a spot of bother with the Marin County Major Crimes Task Force, who acted on information that he was selling narcotics in the county. He was arrested and charged with possessing a significant amount of drugs, including meth, heroin, LSD, and a big chunk of cash.

    Yes, he’s just an average Joe trying to get ahead.

    And get ahead he has. Not many struggling carpenters “trying to make ends meet” can scrape together enough to buy a $5 Million Mill Valley home (18 Sheridan Court, Zillow).

    Perhaps Mr Rothman can further enlighten us in this space here and at our next Town Council meeting.

    • Marshal Rothman says:

      You are correct that Homeland security and a number of other agencies raided my home . What is not correct are the report of drugs seized and my arrest which were leaked to the IJ . I was not arrested or charged with any crime which I think I would have if indeed the drugs listed had been found . This is easily checked by going to the Main County Superior court website and typing in my name.
      I asked repeatedly to see a warrant and was told they did not need to show me one . To this day I have nor received my computer or the few thousand dollars cash they took back . Nor has the IJ reported any follow up to restore my reputation.
      I used to think people who said we had lost our rights with he Patriot Act were conspiracy theorists . Not any more and I am not the first to experience this in fact it has been happening all over the country more and more frequently. I sincerely hope you do not have to endure this experience but I am here to tell you that it can unless our government does something to reign in these gung ho empowered agencies operating with little supervision and conflicted motives ( they are allowed to keep all assets they seize !) .
      By the way I have 35 years of track record in preserving and green belting land all over California . I have specialized in low density development and have received unanimous approvals from “no growth” boards all over California . I am also a Certified Green Point” Rater in good standing and have pioneered systems for water recycling , energy storage without the need for polluting batteries and energy generation from the tides .I studied Marine Biology at CSU/SF as well . I realize that people are understandably suspicious of anyone making claims but there are good people with pure motives out here even if they are lost in the sea of those who are not. I can provide more info and a list of previous work upon request.

    • Marshal Rothman says:

      By the way Philip the Marin County real estate market has experienced steady and significant appreciation in the 15 years since I built the home you reference in Mill Valley . I did so on a lot that I had owned for some years prior so my costs were more reasonable than the $4.95 million sales price of the home . Had you done more research rather than simply stop once you found information which supported your predetermined outcome you would have seen that the house was heavily mortgaged and in foreclosure prior to the sale. Like may in my industry my savings and any equity I had accumulated were quickly exhausted as my investments went into free fall .
      I would venture to say that if you own your own home here that you too have an asset which is far more valuable today and I would bet that you have fared better than I . It would be difficult to do worse.
      Rather than spending your energy insinuating my dishonesty perhaps you would like to sit down with me and discuss some possible scenarios and outcomes for the property . I would very much appreciate your perspective as well as learning from you some of the communities concerns. I think you will find me an informed , interested and willing participant,
      It does not help further your cause when the subject is lost in the fog of personal attacks.

  2. Susanne says:

    I believe I overheard this gentleman and a realtor in the marin coffee roasters several months ago and I saw this same plan only with a lot more than ten lots on his Computer . They were talking like they wanted many more homes and that they would be in he three million more range and would be huge. I’m not hundred percent sure but I know the development in question was in Fairfax because they mentioned the gas station event and the town protest. With high prices pricing out the middle income workers here fairfax has been one of the few remaining bright spots in the county for ordinary folks. Sadly I’m afraid I see this place turning into mill valley west .

  3. Marshal Rothman says:

    That gentleman could not have been me , I don’t drink coffee and have not talked to any realtor about this property. It is unfortunate that the cost of homes has skyrocketed but this is more a result of limited supply than anything the builder does . I would build for less if it were possible and I still try to produce a product that appeals to the greatest number of buyers . I must feed myself and my dogs and the systems which are necessary to reduce our footprint on this planet are not inexpensive to install although are worth it in the long term . We are all of us trying to walk a fine line and it serves no one to polarize with alarmist rumors rather than communicate in order to craft workable solutions.

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