12/15 Update: Surveying & Next Steps

(From Marshal Rothman, new property owner, via email on 12/9/2014)

Just a note to update,
I met with my surveyors today on my property and they will be on and off the land while they locate various corners and control points . This is so that I might have enough information to formulate the various possible scenarios and their respective potential. Once I feel I have good reliable information I will put to paper my thoughts about best uses . I will then be contacting the Town in order to set up a series of informal public meetings with the intent of insuring that I have not overlooked  or disregarded inadvertently any salient points or points of view. Only after then can I make an informed decision as to the best possible outcome . That decision will then once again be vetted through community meetings and only after I am convinced all sides have had say will I submit a proposal formally.

This process will take some time and I may or may not find it necessary to offer for sale one or more lots that in my judgment are the least sensitive and/or have  the least to contribute to any future scenario. I regret that monetary concerns  must affect my decision making but we do live in a material world to quote Madonna.

I will be offering these updates periodically as new developments present themselves.

Marshal Rothman


REPLY to Marshal Rothman:

Hi Mr. Rothman,

Thanks for keeping us posted.  Please continue to do so.  I will update the website with this information.

Given your concern for the environment, I would recommend speaking with us and with the Fairfax Open Space Committee (FOSC) before putting any of the parcels on the market.  All parties involved and the neighbors around the area would love to see it preserved, and there may be opportunities to raise money to purchase and preserve these parcels, similar to the recent Sky Oaks effort.  If you would be willing to give first right of refusal to organizations that would preserve the land,  it would go a long way toward fostering trust with the community, and could end up a win-win situation.

I have copied Mimi Newton, who chairs the FOSC, and some other interested parties in hopes that this discussion can continue.


J.P. Rose


REPLY from Marshal Rothman:

Good Morning  JP ,

I would absolutely be interested in beginning a discussion along those lines .My ultimate goal is to end up with a home for myself . Any way that I can find to  afford this is of interest to me . You should be aware that it is already my intention to place deed restrictions on any lots I do sell which would identify the building envelope  on each lot and prohibit development of any kind on the remaining acreage .


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