$3 Million for the Wall Property – going once…going twice…

As reported before, we asked Marshal Rothman (new owner of the property) if he’d give the town an option to buy and preserve the Wall Property.  He agreed that he would sell the 84 acre parcel comprising the majority of the property, provided that it was not to another developer, for $3 million.  The window for this buyout option is rapidly closing, as he is preparing to spend a good deal of money on moving the process forward as per town requirements.

We have spoken with the town, the Fairfax Open Space Committee, and MOST (Marin Open Space Trust) but there does not seem to be the means or funds to take this option or a clear path forward.  This is a call for anyone who may know someone (a wealthy environmentalist / philanthropist / etc.) or a group that would be interested in this option to preserve 84 acres of Marin land.  If you’re good friends with George Lucas, this is the time to call him 🙂

Mr. Rothman needs to award contracts to a number of different groups to assess the sites to comply with town requirements.  Per an email from him this includes traffic, archeological, botanical, zoological , greenhouse gas & carbon footprint , Hydrological , trees , visual , nighttime illumination , daytime reflectivity , energy , H2O use, waste impact both sewer and trash , infrastructure burden , socioeconomic impacts, etc.

Once these contracts are awarded, he will have invested significantly more money in the property and this offer will likely expire unless someone comes forward with a legitimate path forward.  He indicated that the timeframe would be in the next month – he expects to award contracts in early July.

If you have any thoughts or leads, please get in touch with us at fairfaxwallproperty@gmail.com or you may contact Marshal Rothman directly at drswami@earthlink.net.

Thank you for any leads you may have.

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1 Response to $3 Million for the Wall Property – going once…going twice…

  1. Let him continue moving forward he will eventually give up. $3 million is still too much and he and his partners will soon yell uncle.

    $300,000 for the plot above the church is more realistic to be able to raise and keep a considerable acreage open.

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