Meeting Notice: Open Space Committee Workshop on Preserving Land through Tax Assessment Districts (Sat. 1/17/15, 12-3pm)

The Fairfax and San Anselmo Open Space Committees will be hosting a workshop on Saturday 1/17/15 from 12-3pm at the Women’s Club.  The workshop will provide information about preserving land through tax assessment districts, something that was recently done successfully in Novato.  This could be applicable for the “Wall Property”; that is, there may be an option in the future to to raise money to preserve some of the property by creating a tax assessment district.

Please feel free to join on Saturday to learn more!

Announcement below, from

FOSC and the San Anselmo Open Space Committees will co-host an Open Space Tax Assessment Districts Workshop in the Fairfax Women’s Club (46 Park Road, Fairfax).  Bill Long, Chair of the Marin Open Space Trust’s (MOST’s) Board of Directors, will speak about their recent experience partnering with residents and the Novato City Council to acquire 3 properties in Pacheco Valle Meadow.. In a special election held in April 2014, Novato citizens voted overwhelmingly to create a tax assessment district that ensures preservation of the 3 open space properties.Members of the public are invited to attend the Saturday afternoon workshop and explore the possibility of establishment of similar open space tax assessment districts in Fairfax and San Anselmo. 

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