Jan 21 Wall Property Mini-Workshop at Fairfax Planning Commission

Note from this site: The meeting below is currently scheduled for 7pm at 46 Park Road, Fairfax.  Please check before you go, as updates may not make it to this site.  The most up to date info about town meetings is always on the official town calendar here:  http://www.town-of-fairfax.org/html/calendar.html

From Jim Moore, Fairfax Director of Planning & Building Services:  

At the request of Mr. Rothman, Fairfax is putting the Wall property on the Planning Commission (PC) agenda for January 21, 2016 as a “discussion” item so that Mr. Rothman can present his latest thinking on the number and size of “parcels” that he intends to apply for.  We anticipate that this item will not take a great deal of time to discuss – perhaps 45 to 60 minutes maximum.

Please note that no formal applications are pending – and no decisions will be made at the meeting. It is just a chance for the Planning Commission –  and public via the PC meeting – and Mr. Rothman to keep in touch on the direction he is headed.

Please help get the word out on this PC meeting and date!

James M. Moore

Director of Planning & Building Services



Phone: (415) 453-1584


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