Clearing of vegetation on the Wall Property

Just a heads up that signs have been posted at the entrance to the Wall Property by the owner.  Text is included below for your information.  Questions can be directed to Marshal Rothman, contact info included at bottom of this message.

Notice Of Work To be Perfomed

Clearing Of vegetation for access on existing roads, Geotechnical investigation and surveying on “the Wall property”


In the coming weeks you will notice increased activity on our property as we investigate and prepare expert studies needed to examine the viability of subdivision as presented in our previous public study sessions before the Town of Fairfax Planning Commission


Starting approximately June 15th we will bring in equipment and begin to remove vegetation from and dress some of the existing roads.

This is to allow access for core drilling equipment needed for comprehensive Geotechnical Investigations and to insure Fire Equipment access.

These operations should take approximately two weeks barring any scheduling conflicts with subcontractors.  Work will be limited to the hours of 8am to 5pm Monday through Friday with no work on weekends. We will post updates on this notice as work progresses.

In addition, we will have various experts on and around the property collecting measurements and other information, as needed, for studies and reports in their specific areas of expertise. These activities should not be intrusive to surrounding properties with physical impact limited to collection of small samples requiring no equipment.

We attempt to avoid inconvenience or delays and expect none. If you experience any or simply have suggestions please contact;

Managing Partner- Marshal Rothman (415)272-5999

The Town of Fairfax Building Department (415)458-2370

Or the Town of Fairfax Planning Department (415)453-1584


 For non- emergency contact call:

The Fairfax Police Department  (415)453-5330

Or the Ross Valley Fire Department (415)258-4686

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