Wed May 2 Fairfax Town Council discussion on square footage – Marshal Rothman to attend and speak

Apologies for the short notice, but I received word that there will be a discussion of zoning guidelines for square footage at tonight’s Town Council meeting (Wed, May 2 – info at bottom of this message), and that Marshal Rothman (developer) will be there to discuss.  Please feel free to attend if you can!

From Marshal Rothman:

A heads up : I will be attending the Town Council Meeting on Wed. to speak on the proposal concerning adjusting the maximum square footage allowed by Zoning . I intend to point out that the current maximum is reasonable but also there are in place provisions to reduce it on steep building sites . I  will be mentioning that it was my ability to support my partners requested larger house sizes (still below current maximum ) that was instrumental in an agreement to reduce the number of proposed lots from 10 to 9 thereby reducing impact on immediate neighbors . I will also point out that the Marinda Oaks neighborhood has approximately 16,000 square feet per acre of building coverage while my property is already limited to 500 square feet per acre of coverage . This is important for the council in determining the stated goal for any change and findings that the change will accomplish that goal, such stated goal and findings being required by Due Process . 

It is unlikely that any such change could be in place before my application is deemed complete or that it could be applied anyway since it would then be arguably focused to limit one property which runs afoul of “Equal Teatment Under the Law” . My concern is more in dealing with future projects and making sure that there is sufficient latuitude to accomodate changes such as the one we made. This is more important than an arbitrary cap when 500 square feet one way or another is more a psycological salve rather than a significant physical difference.

I thought also you might like to hear the promised change monumented in a public hearing.

Meeting info from

May 2: 
Town Council Meeting, 7pm
Where: Women’s Club, 46 Park Road (map)
Description: Regular Meeting
Agenda and Packet

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