February 2023 Update

Update, 2/26:

The auction of the property is currently listed on the MK Consultants website as taking place Thursday 3/2/2023 at 9:30am in San Rafael, outside at the southwest corner of City Hall. I don’t have information on how the auction works, but as of today it is scheduled to happen. I’ve notified members of the Town Council and Fairfax Open Space.

Click on week of 2/27. Property is listed under Marinda Drive & Ridgeway Avenue.
After a period of relative quiet, there are some updates on the Wall Property.  I’ve been talking with several organizations as well as Marshal Rothman, and here is what I’ve gathered from conversations with a number of people.  

Current Status per Fairfax Planning:
  • The past application submitted for 10 units has expired
  • There is an application that was submitted for one unit 
  • This month, there was a proposal submitted for 25 units – a 15 unit affordable housing complex plus the 10 original units.  This would be a ‘builder’s remedy’ solution that allows the builder to circumvent zoning requirements if a certain percentage of units are designated as affordable housing.  It does NOT allow the builder to circumvent environmental requirements.

Any proposal for development would have to go through the CEQA / EIR process which would cost $600,000-$1,000,000 and at least a year to complete, regardless of the ‘builder’s remedy’.  

There is a notice that was posted on the property about default and auction for the property.  Per Mr. Rothman, he has already taken steps to prevent this; we aren’t sure of the actual status.  But if the auction happens, it will be in San Rafael, currently scheduled for 3/2/23 at 9:30am at the front entrance to City Hall.  Below is an image of the notices that were posted on the property on February 2, 2023.  

Since all of this has happened, I’ve contacted Fairfax Open Space (who is in contact with Marin Open Space Trust), Trust for Public Land, and the Fairfax Town Council. All are aware of the situation and maintain that preserving this land is a priority. It all comes down to money. If we can find funding – whether it’s through private philanthropists, an organization, crowdsourcing, or another mechanism – we can preserve this land. If we can’t, a developer will likely eventually figure out a way to build. If anyone knows of someone who could assist with a fundraising campaign, or other volunteer resources that could help, it would be appreciated.

We’re keeping an eye on the situation and will try to post updates here when there is news. Thanks for your patience.
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2 Responses to February 2023 Update

  1. Sean Murphy says:

    Thanks for the info!

  2. Michelle Simonson says:

    Thank you! Let me know about what I might be able to do as a volunteer.

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