July 2017 Wall Property Development Update

Updates on progress and timeline were provided by Marshal Rothman, property owner and developer, in early July. Marshal invites anyone with questions to contact him directly at drswami@earthlink.net or (415)383-1356.  


All studies are complete or being finished up except the Visual and Tree studies both of  which require story poles.

I have surveyors marking the corners of the houses and starting to place poles.

These studies should take a couple of weeks in July. At the same time my engineers and surveyors are preparing the detailed maps, cross sections proposed grading plans and all the other myriad of details required to be included on the maps.

Once I have everything in hand and am satisfied it is complete I will send the package out to be duplicated and bound for submittal hopefully in late July.

Fairfax staff will then place us on the agenda for a hearing before the planning commission and will send out notices to the public. There will likely be some weeks delay as I understand they are very busy at present.

This first hearing will consist of my presenting the project and answering questions along with public comment. The commissioners will go over all items submitted and either ask for more clarifications or find the application complete for processing. In all likelihood we will not be deemed complete at this hearing and so will be scheduled for another . This will continue until the application is deemed complete for processing . This is not approval but only allows the application to go on to the next stage .

Once the application is deemed  complete the planning commission will , after required ministerial duties, order an Environmental Impact Report (EIR). As we are requesting the EIR this process should be relatively short.

Once the EIR is ordered every thing goes onto hold until it is completed which can be up to a year. Once completed staff will set a date before the Planning Commission to consider its conclusions prior to accepting it. At this stage there will again be public notice and comment. In al likelihood this process will take multiple hearings with public notice of each.

If the Commission votes to accept the EIR, and after a 10 day appeal  period,  the Commission will begin the hearings as to approval or denial of the project. Here again every one of thee hearings will include public notice and comment.

As you can see we are still a long way from any kind of approval and there will be many more opportunities for public comment and input. Even if we are eventually approved there are appeal periods along the way that allow anyone who is not happy with any approval to challenge it.

So far we have found nothing of concern in any of our studies . Also it looks like the open space /trail parcel has grown to around 8.3 acres . I think people will be pleased with our result generally but there are always areas that are of concern.

Marshal invites concerned neighbors to contact him directly at drswami@earthlink.net or (415)383-1356.

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