November 2017 Wall Property Update

Greetings all.  Here is the latest as of Nov. 8,  as understood from discussions with Open Space, Fairfax Town Council, neighbors, and the developer.   There are a lot of rumors going around – we will try to address the facts here.

A full proposal will soon be available for public review, possibly November 10, so everyone will soon have access to the same information and all of the plans and studies.  I encourage you all to review them and bring up your questions to the Town Council and / or the developer, Marshal Rothman.

Marshal has also invited people to contact him directly at 415-272-5999 or

Key Updates:

  • NO IN-LAW UNITS.  In-law units have been removed from the plan based on public feedback.  There are 10 houses in the current proposal on the ~99 acres across the 3 parcels.  Structures will be limited to a building envelope area, and the rest of the land will be ‘greenbelted’, meaning that it will not be developed nor fenced and will remain undeveloped as it is now in perpetuity, including if ownership changes.  Average house size is ~4000 sq.ft.
  • PROPOSAL DEVELOPED, FULL SUBMITTAL EXPECTED SOON.  Click here to read the proposal summary from the developer.  The linked document here is a summary.   An official submittal (1000+ pages) has been finalized and printed and will be submitted soon to the Town of Fairfax, and will be posted online for public review.  There will be a lengthy process to review the submittal, including opportunities for public comment and debate.  The process is designed to take time, maybe years, to address the many concerns that Fairfax residents rightly have, and to complete and review the required studies and make sure that if development has to occur, that it is done in a responsible and positive way or not at all.
  • ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACT REPORT IS PLANNED.  The developer is requesting and paying for an Environmental Impact Report (EIR) (see page 8 of this document).  This appears to address the rumor that this step would be bypassed.
  • PUBLIC FOOT / BIKE / DOG ACCESS WILL REMAIN.  The area will remain publicly available in the form of a trail and open areas.  An 8-acre parcel on this land will be given to the town to allow this access.  The stone spiral area on an upper plateau will be left undeveloped and open for public use (the uppermost house is planned to be 2 plateaus below this area).
  • TREE STUDY COMPLETED.  A tree study was done by Urban Forestry.  They studied areas where development is proposed (the building envelope area around each proposed house site).  The area included 449 trees, of which 270 would need to be removed to allow for 300 feet of defensible space around each home (per recommendation from the fire department), or to remove diseased trees.  When asked about this, Marshal Rothman replied that any trees removed would be replaced by 2 planted trees of the same species in the landscaping plan, and that the vast majority of the property’s trees on the remaining 90%+ ‘greenbelted’ portion would not be removed unless required by the fire department for safety reasons, or for disease.  Trees near houses will be pruned (branches lower than head height cut back, understory removed) per recommendation of the fire department.
  • OTHER STUDIES COMPLETED.  Visibility, Wildlife, Hydrology, Geotechnical, Archaeological, Traffic, and other studies have been completed as part of the submittal and will be available for public review in the document.
  • HEARINGS TO BE SCHEDULED.  Public discussion of the submittal will occur at a series of future Town Council meetings and other meetings.  These will be posted on the Town of Fairfax website website and mailers will be sent to neighbors adjacent to the property.   We will also try to post any meetings or updates to this site.

Thank you all for staying interested in this.

(Posted by J.P. Rose, Marinda Oaks neighbor and regular Marinda fire road runner & hiker)

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