Certificates of Compliance filed June 19

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On July 8, we received the following from Director of Planning & Building Services Jim Moore.  Unfortunately, Mr. Moore notified us of this after the 10 day appeal period was over.  We are currently finding out more information about what this means and next steps.  In the meantime, you may reach him at (415) 453-1584 or jmoore@townoffairfax.org to ask him questions about the below and what it means to Fairfax.  More to come…


After approx. 6 months of legal and engineering review, we issued and recorded (on Friday June 19) six (6) conditional certificates of compliance for the Wall property. This will bring the total to 10 conditional certificates of compliance issued for the property.

Please note: All of the conditional certificates indicate that the parcels are illegal and will require the owner to meet the Subdivision Map Act and all Town Codes before a parcel can be legalized.

As a reminder, when an application is filed for a certificate of compliance, the Town is required to issue either a certificate of compliance or a conditional certificate of compliance which states how a parcel can be legalized.

We expect that in the near future the owner of the property will want to meet with Town staff – and then meet with neighbors and interested parties.

Please inform your neighbors that we have issued the “conditional” certificates.



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