August Development Update

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The buyer & developer of the property, Marshal Rothman, is putting together a conceptual proposal for development.  Once there is something to review, he plans to share it with the Town of Fairfax and have discussions.  Mr. Rothman recently attended a Fairfax Open Space Committee meeting and has met with several neighbors to discuss concerns about development.  We are working with Mr. Rothman in an attempt to maintain public access to the area via a trail, either near the current trail or potentially a new route.  There has also been discussion of ‘clustering’ development so that houses are kept away from sight lines and from ridgelines (and from the stone spiral / spirit circle).  Lastly, we are hoping to be able to protect and preserve the land that is not part of a lot.  There are many options at this point, and there will be many steps in this process going forward.  We are hopeful that a cooperative relationship will yield the best results, and will provide updates whenever there is news to report.  Thanks for your support!

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